12 member’s brass band Brazz ViliDJ was created in 2012, continuing the ideology of the Brass Association, to promote the genre diversity of brass music. 

The most cheerful orchestra on Bulgarian stage recreates the sound and energy of the city orchestras, popular in the years after the Liberation in our country (and long after), in a modern and very attractive way, combining love between jazz, folk music, funk, reggae, hip-hop and the sound of big band. 

Ideologist and band leader of the group is Chairman of Bulgarian Brass Association – trombone player Velislav Stoyanov.

In early 2014, Brazz ViliDJ released their debut album Blow Your BrainZ Out.

The band's repertoire includes genre diversity that takes the audience back to the early 20th century, Dixieland, ragtime and special arrangements of gospels and evergreens, times of swing, when brass music is heard everywhere - on the radio, on the streets of the South American states, in the smoky nightclubs in Europe, enters the wave of funk, reggae, folk music and creates a crazy musical outrage.

For the 10th anniversary of its establishment, the band released a second album, with compositions by Vili Stoyanov, Dimitar Lyolev, Mihail Yossifov and Yossif Tsankov.
The album is called KEFF MI E TAKA and shows how colorful the world is and how easy it is to live carefree. For 10 years now, BrazzViliDJ has been insisting with music and dance that the city is the place where we are together to celebrate life. Everyone is part of this holiday. Modern and retro, funky and world - the various forms of musical expression are a mirror of our multi-layered life, built on traditions and modernity, past and future, noisy conversations and intimate communication. They are not excluded and are not denied, and the music merges them into one.
Brazz ViliDJ  band members:

  • Velislav Stoyanov - trombone and vocals
  • Dimitar Stoev - trombone and vocals
  • Todor Bakardjiev - trumpet and vocals
  • Martin Tashev - trumpet and vocals
  • Martin Bodurov - trumpet and vocals
  • Dimitar Liolev - saxophone
  • Ivan Jordanov - saxophone
  • Dimitar Uzunov - tube
  • Daniele Febbo - bass guitar
  • Nikolay Danev - drums
  • Viktor Viktorov - drums