Meet the Grandpa

After many years of searching and experimenting with different musical styles and projects, in 2020 Vili Stoyanov gathers courage to reach the work of his grandfather, the composer Yosif Tsankov, known as the "Patriarch of Bulgarian music" and the endless musical treasure that he is left.
Yosif Tsankov wrote music for rich voices, music with which he challenged and tested to the extreme the abilities of the performers.
Nowadays, it is difficult, almost impossible to find artists with such a vocal range, so Vili decided to "sing" his grandfather's music with his trombone.
For this purpose, he attracts the most prominent contemporary instrumentalists, and with updated arrangements by Mihail Yossifov they made an exciting meeting with the vast work of the Great Yoji.
At the end of 2020, Vili Stoyanov presented an album with big band arrangements, on one of the most beautiful melodies of the great composer, under the name "That wind from the first meeting".

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