Fairytale | Just Bossa

The project "Just Bossa" and the concept for a new album entitled "Fairy Tale" is a continuation of the initiative of trombonist Velislav Stoyanov to breathe new life into the musical heritage of the great Bulgarian composer Joseph Tsankov. 
This time the reading of these musical treasures is aimed at the younger generations. The chosen style and its simple sound accentuate the clear and pure messages of the chosen plays - the fragility of human relationships ("And everything was like once", "That wind from the first meeting", "Fairy Tale"), the excitement of new love ("Your Guitar ”), nostalgia for the past (“ Under the yellow leaves of the old linden tree ”,“ That wind from the first meeting ”), combined with reconciliation to the difficult present (“ Homeless clouds ”), and yet in the end - hope ("When the moon emerges ”).
In this sense, the album is an attempt to return listeners to the pure messages that beautiful music carries, and to pure human relationships in general.
Като стил bossa nova As a style, bossa nova originates from Brazil. The genre became popular alongside Antonio Carlos Jubim and Joao Gilberto, and attracted young musicians, laughing at samba and jazz. In order to observe the genre style, Vili Stoyanov includes the young vocalist - Petar Terziev and the young, but already more and more assertive musicians Daniele Febbo and Dimitar Blagoev.
Guests in the program are the doyen of jazz trumpet in Bulgaria - Ventsislav Blagoev, pianist and composer Milen Kukosharov, and the percussion is entrusted to Atanas Popov.
The next bridge between the generations and ambassador of the beautiful music of Yosif Tsankov for the younger generations is the daughter of Velislav Stoyanov - Yosif, who will join as a guest vocalist in the play "Fairy Tale". 
Vili Stoyanov continues to follow the path and tries to awaken the thirst for city life, but based on the dignity of the individual. As it was before when Yosif Tsankov lived. People united by their desire to share, each, according to their talent, have celebrated life together with music. This is how emotionally complete communities were built, that celebrate a dignified life, the common good, the pursuit of a more beautiful environment, caring for others - all that makes the life of each and everyone together much better. Communities whose disappearance Vili Stoyanov and his supporters mourn and try to revive every day, each with his talent, energy and desire, and in the current project through the beautiful music of his unfortunate grandfather during his lifetime - Joseph Tsankov.