Latin Boulevard

Latin Boulevard takes us to sunny Cuba, where music literally flows from the streets.
Milen Kukosharov and Velislav Stoyanov are one of the main culprits for the famous in the recent past band Infiniti. Again, the two of them, together with the trumpet player and vocalist of the project Martin Tashev, are the founders of the Latin project Tumbaito, which later developed its repertoire and included Kalin Velov in its composition. Bassist Boris Taslev is known for his participation in the Cuban project Ritmos Negros, as well as in Mango Duende.
The band has shared stage with popular names from the Latin music scene such as Tito Puente Jr., Frankie Morales and many others.

Band members::

• Martin Tashev - trumpet and vocals
• Velislav Stoyanov - trombone and vocals
• Milen Kikosharov - keyboard
• Boris Taslev - double bass
• Atanas Popov - drums