T.E.F.T. Album Promo

➤ May 8 I Singles I 20:00
Strong individualists, with different creative pursuits, the band members are united by their love of classical funk, with its open improvisation form and show us how it should sound - syncopated rhythms, dense bass, razor-sharp guitar, rhythm with a slightly oriental flavor , gentle sax and of course a trombone, that sounds more arrogant than ever, in the program made of original compositions.
Band members:
▲ Velislav Stoyanov - trombone
▲ Ivan Jordanov - saxophone
▲ Aleksander Vasev - keyboard
▲ Dimitar Blagoev - guitar
▲ Daniele Febbo - bass guitar
▲ Viktor Viktorov - drums
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➤ Velislav Stoyanov for the creation of the album:
"The essential FUNK trombone is an idea that has been running through my head for a very long time. She appears, disappears, then reminds me of herself again, but the commitments do not allow me to pay the necessary attention to her, and so a significant amount of time flew by, but obviously it was not the time 😂
Then things worked out on their own…
At the first meeting with the guys we already had several original songs, at each subsequent one of us appeared with a new song. There was a general creative energy and spirit that I hadn't felt for a hell of a long time. In a few weeks we have accumulated an author's repertoire sufficient for two albums. Here is the moment to thank for the trust of Mihail Yosifov, Angel Zaberski, Veselin Veselinov - Eкo, Milen Kukosharov and Momchil Kosev, who provided us with their original compositions. 😂
In less than a month we managed to present our repertoire within several BOLD festivals - KAPANA, Wrong Fest and New Music Now.
We participated online in TWO festivals in CHINA 😎 Our original music was played in front of a MILLION AUDIENCE 🥰
Thank you, GENTLEMENS, for the trust, for the energy and for the opportunity to realize this long-held dream of mine.
➤ The album was realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund
📷 Photographer: Evgeni Dimitrov
🚂 The photo session was realized in Locomotive Depot Sofia, with the support of BDZ
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08 May 2021


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


15 BGN

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Бул. България 1, НДК, вход А4 (дясно)
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