We continue with the funk invasion on DECEMBER 4th 😎

The essential FUNK trombone @ Singles

The doors are open all day, there is a wonderful kitchen, the live starts around 20: 30-21: 00 😎

We have new songs 🤟 We intend to break their neck in your presence 😏

Be there, or be square!

For reservations: 0876735882 or a personal message to the bar page.

The event is held according to the current provisions of the Ministry of Health.

Photographer: Evgeni Dimitrov

The event calendar of the Brass Association is implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund.

SINGLES Social Club is located in SAN STEFANO PLAZA, at 22 San Stefano Street / in front of BNT /

Bulgarian Brazz Association is conceptual unification of brass musicians, created in 2008 by trumpet player Mihail Yossifov and trombone player Velislav Stoyanov, the most active contemporary musicians in Bulgaria.

In last few years Brazz Association actively works for the promotion and revival of brass music in Bulgaria, and is an example and support for many young Bulgarian brass musicians. Here are musicians from different generations and with different musical quests united by their love to brass music.

The members of Brass Association are brass musicians who participate in music projects of different genres - jazz, funk, latin, ethno, punk, hip-hop and create the modern look of the music scene in Bulgaria.

The newest addition to our big brass family The essential FUNK trombone

In the name of the band lies the musical concept that its members follow.

"ESSENTIAL" means basic, essential. This program covers the basics of funk music and reproduction in its purest instrumental form. The vocal parts are very limited and are more like chants and shouts. Strong individualists, with different creative pursuits, the band members are united by their love of classical funk, with its open improvisation form and show us how it should sound - syncopated rhythms, dense bass, razor-sharp guitar, rhythm with a slightly oriental flavor , gentle sax and of course a trombone, that sounds more arrogant than ever, in the program made of original compositions.

During its inception, the band managed to conquer the stages of KAPANA Fest and WRONG Fest, captivated millions of Chinese hearts as part of the 13th International Youth Arts Festival in Beijing and the Ninth Edition of the Qintai Music Festival, and also accumulated an ominous amount of original repertoire, which logically found realization in their first album, that was released in early May.

Band members:

▲ Velislav Stoyanov - trombone

▲ Ivan Jordanov - saxophone

▲ Aleksander Vasev - keyboard

▲ Dimitar Blagoev - guitar

▲ Daniele Febbo - bass guitar

▲ Viktor Viktorov - drums


04 Dec 2021


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


10 BGN

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Бул. България 1, НДК, вход А4 (дясно)


Brazz Association