Old School Trombone

Old School Trombone is project of one of the ideologists of the Bulgarian Brass Association - Velislav Stoyanov and a continuation of the efforts of brass musicians to popularize the genre diversity of the brass music. If they are asked to describe the sound of Vili's trombone, most people who know him will probably use words "powerful", "strong", "arrogant", "explosive", even "monstrous". And that's not a lie, because Vili has a very specific style of playing that can hardly be left unnoticed.

With this program, Vili wants to show you the other side of his trombone - gentle and romantic, accepting the challenge to show the trombone as a soldering tool.

In this program Vili will walk you through the 30s and 40s of the last century and will show you how the fun music on the dance slows has sounded, a romantic walk-through swing era, New Orleans Bourbon Street and dixie land. With his cheerful character, Vili manages to recreate besides the energy of that time, as well his love of jazz, reggae, funk and hip-hop, attracting the audience in very contagious way.

Band members:

  • Velislav Stoyanov (trombone and vocals)
  • Martin Tashev (trumpet)
  • Dimitar Blagoev (guitar)
  • Dimitar Shanov (double bass)
  • Nikolay Danev (drums)