Brazz Association Combo (B.A.Combo) was created in late 2013 with one main goal - to provide another dimension of jazz music, namely "The funny face of jazz music." 
For the time of its creation the project became official band and music producers of the TV show “The best years of our lives” on Bulgarian National Television, where funny scenario of the show leads us through unforgettable memories of bygone decades. КомицитеAfter that the project was official band of Comedian show, emanating on bTV.
The program includes classical and unconventional interpretations of jazz popular songs, favorite and familiar songs from the more distant past in unfamiliar swing arrangements and jazz standards, that make the audience laugh, sing, dance, and have fun, in a unique way.

Band members: 

  •  Mihail Yossifov (trumpet and vocals) 
  •  Velislav Stoyanov (trombone and vocals) 
  • Todor Bakardjiev (trumpet and vocals)
  •  Milen Kukosharov (piano)
  •  Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) 
  •  Georgi Markov (drums)
  • Atanas Popov (percussions)